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Cleaning Process



There are two types of window cleaning – the spray wash method and the hand clean method, which is the only method that Metropolitan uses.


The Spray Wash Method is where workers stand on the ground, use water fed pole and shoot a lot of water at your windows. It knocks off some dirt and the windows are left to drip dry. Don’t be fooled by the price of this method. You get what you pay for.


The Hand-Clean Method – which is the only method that Metropolitan uses – is the Rolls Royce method of window cleaning. Each window is approached using a ladder, gently wet down by hand with soap and water, scrubbed, squeegeed, dried and sills wiped clean. This leaves the window spotless and perfectly clear. All Screens are Removed, Wiped Down and put back on securely


In addition to our window cleaning services, we can clean high chandeliers, ceiling fans and skylights; dust high, hard-to-reach surfaces; and change bulbs in high-mounted floodlights. We have tall ladders and are happy to assist you with these hard-to-reach jobs.






  • Our Professionals get right up to your High Windows using a ladder
  • Each window is washed by hand, utilizing our ladders as needed.
  • If there’s a screen, it is removed and wiped down.
  • The window and sill are scrubbed with soap and water.
  • The edges of the window and sill are detailed with a towel.
  • The rest of the window is dried with a squeegee.
  • The screen is replaced.
  • This procedure will be repeated for every window in your house.




We are confident that you will be satisfied with our commercial and residential window cleaning services. To ensure you are happy with the results, we guarantee it. We will not leave your property until you are completely satisfied, and if you’re not available during the appointment, no problem; we will return to make it right.